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Bagavagabonds presents


February 25, 2012 - brewmaster

Here at Black Star we are proud to be a continued supporter the Bagavagabonds, a group of creatively active individuals in Los Angeles promoting positive change and producing epic events in support of the arts and the community. On Saturday night, February 25th from 6-11pm, the Bagavagabonds will host DISCARDED:L.A. a public event for “one night of mischievous shin-digging” at the Cadillack Hotel gallery.  Enjoy the amazing DISCARDED:L.A. installation, delicious beer, and the company of LA’s cultural tastemakers.

DISCARDED: L.A. is an installation that includes 101 projected photographs of people sitting on discarded sofas and easy chairs from all around L.A., taken by Lexington, Kentucky-based artists Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova during their June 16-25, 2011 visit to Los Angeles.

“More than a collection of images, words, and sounds, however, DISCARDED aims to bring together communities that frequently don’t know about each other’s existence. This happens both by seeing the images and by attending the events that surround them.”


DISCARDED: L.A. is part of an evolving social experiment through photography that got its blue-grassroots start in Lexington, Kentucky (where the artists Kurt and Kremena are professors at Transylvania University). After a successful show of Lexington locals posted up on their discarded curbside couches at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Lexington in 2010, the artistic duo brought their creative talents to L.A. in search of creating a city portrait built on communal collaboration and forgotten furniture.